Information and Cultural Department


The Kalimpong Town Hall is situated between the Kalimpong Sub-Correctional Home and Kalimpong Sub-Post Office. It exists near the present day Kalimpong Collectorate. The Kalimpong Police Station is not far away. The main market is also situated nearby.
The Kalimpong Town Hall was completed by 15th August 1994. It was inaugurated by former Hon’ble Minister of Information and Cultural Affairs Depart, Government of West Bengal Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on 31st August 1994.
A 8 member strong committee comprising official and non-official persons looks after the matter of the Kalimpong Town Hall. The S.D.O.Kalimpong is the President and the S.D.I & C.O.Kalimpong is Secretary of this committee. Presently, due to non-availability of the SDICO, the DICO is performing his duties.
Monetary matters are dealt by the President and Secretary of the Hall who operate a joint account of earning and expenditure of the Hall in Central Bank of India, Kalimpong Br.


Three rent slabs are there for using the Town Hall for whole day (from 10am to 7pm)-1. Rs. 4250/- for whole day meeting for official programme,2. Rs.5500/- for whole day Non-commercial programme, 3. Rs.6500/- for whole day Commercial programme.NB- Due to fluctuations of power, the organizers are advised to bring Diesel oil of 10lit. before commencement of the programme.


The Gallery has 85 seats. This is currently under repairs.The Ground floor has 447 seats.


1 Clerk –cum- cashier
1 Electrician
1 Sound system operator
1 Night guard
1 Gate keeper -cum –caretaker
2 Safai Karmachari


Prayer to be submitted to the Secretary, Kalimpong Town Hall.
Presently the DICO, Kalimpong acts as the Secretary who has a office in the premises of the Kalimnpong Town Hall.
The Authority reserves the right to seek the valid identity cards from the applicant(s) issued by the Govt. before according any approval.

Information and Culture

The Information and Cultural Affairs wing of the Kalimpong under the auspices of Deptt. of Information and Cultural Affairs is located at the Town Hall, Kalimpong. Presently it is manned by the District Information & Cultural Officer (in short, DICO). Currently the post of Sub-Divisional Information & Cultural Officer (in short, SDICO), Kalimpong is lying vacant. His office is also situated in the premises of the Town Hall.Contact No. of DICO- 03552-255409.Email- dicokalimpong[at]gmail[dot]com
The normal routine Programme of the Department are as follows-
a) Celebration of the Republic Day
b) Celebration of Independence Day
c) Celebration of Birth Anniversary of poet Rabindranath Tagore.
d) Death Anniversary of Poet Rabindranath Tagore.
e) Birth Anniversary of Poet Nazrul.
Besides, this year the office of District Information & Cultural Office also organized “Children Day”, SIT & DRAW competition, “Golpo Bolar Asor” assignment from Sishu Kishore Academi and International Social Communication Cinema conference assignment of Roop Kala Kendra.
The Scheme under Information and Culture Deptt is “Lok Prasar Prakalpa.” Till now 449 Folk Artists (in short, FAs) have been enlisted under this scheme.

Benefits –

The Folk Artist gets monthly
a) Retainer Fee and
b) Pensioner Fee.
The Folk Artists above 60yrs of age get Pensioner fee and the Folk Artists below 60yrs get Retainer fee. Both Retainer and Pensioner fee is @Rs.1000 per month. The fees are directly sent to their bank A/C.
The Performance fee @Rs.1000/- per day is given to those Folk Artists who perform in different Programme.
The Tableau generally runs for 12days in a month displaying matter of awareness of various schemes of the Government.