Situated at a height of 1250 metres and between a latitude of 26 o 51’ and 27 o 12’and at a longitude 88 o 53’ E, Kalimpong has a mild and temperate climate. This is it’s distinct advantage over it’s neighboring towns. The maximum summer temperature is 27 o C and the minimum 16 o C. Temperatures in winter hover between a high of 17 o C and a low of 5 o C. The average annual rainfall is 220 cm.

Like the rest of India, Kalimpong has five distinct seasons. Spring from March through April, summer in May and June, monsoon from mid-June to September, autumn in October and November and winter months stretch between December and February. The best season to visit Kalimpong is during spring and autumn.The typical rainy season is marked by heavy downpours and long, persistent drizzles. An umbrella or a rain jacket is a must however clear the sky may appear in the morning.

The climate of Kalimpong during the spring and autumn season is perfect for a relaxed and cool holiday. The mild sunshine, the cool breeze, clear skies and the moderate temperature is ideal for short walks and excursions. Outdoor life can best be enjoyed in this weather.