Civil Defence

“Civil Defence” connotes the performance of humanitarian tasks intended to protect the civil population against the dangers and to help recover from the immediate effects of hostility or natural disasters and also to provide the conditions necessary for its survival. Civil Defence does have the International set-up. It is reckoned as a humanitarian work.

In India it functions under the Civil Defence Act (Central Act-27) of 1968 and Rules and Regulations framed there under.

The basic objective of this organization is to :

Save life
Minimize damage to property
Maintain continuity of production
Boost the morale of the people high during hostile attack.

It is organized as an integral part of the defence of the country. It is basically a voluntary organization. Planning, guidance, training and provision of equipment are being provided by the Government while citizens are required to provide manpower, leadership and enthusiasm.

District Magistrate, Kalimpong is the District Controller of Civil Defence. The Sub-Divisional Officer, Kalimpong is the Dy. Controller of Civil Defence. It acts under the Deptt. of Civil Defence, Govt. of West Bengal.

CCDTI, Kolkata is the single training institution which conducts training on various civil defence subject. CTI, Itahar is also imparting training to the willing volunteers. Civil Defence is likely to play key role in rescue of other disasters, too.

The organization of Civil Defence plays an important role in rescue of human life by utilizing inflatable and FRP boats, etc. during floods. Casualty Service (first aid) is also extended to the people.

The concept of Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) is to reduce disaster risk by adopting following components viz

Search and Rescue
First Aid and Shelter Management
Early Warning
Water Rescue
Family Survival Kit
Child Survival Kit

Capacity Building training may also be imparted in disaster prone blocks. It consists of the following components.

First Aid
Shelter Management
Early Warning
Water Rescue with OBM and Boats
High Rise Building Rescue

Important Contacts–

Principal Secretary, Civil Defence: 033- 2334-2226 (office), 033-2334-2269 (fax) Email id-peyyalarameshkumar[at]yahoo[dot]com

State Level Nodal Officer: 033- 2334-1530,033-2334-2269 Email id- registrarcd[at]gmail[dot]com
District Magistrate, Kalimpong: 03552-255009(office), 03552-255264(Fax), O3552-255576,03552-255577(Res.), Email id- dmkalimpong2017[at]gmail[dot]com
Sub-Divisional Officer, Kalimpong: 03552-255007, Email id-sdokalimpong[at]gmail[dot]com
Kalimpong Civil Defence Section: 03552-256353