Social Welfare and ICDS

Social Welfare Department

Social welfare is a very vital Department to look at because it includes in its ambit the cause of women, children and other social security schemes such as pension. I also includes within its per view, ICDS and names.

Pension is distributed at presents through IFMS in CBS enabled bank A/Cs of pensioners for blocks and Municipality area. The pension has been distributed till December 2017 for block area.

Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)

At present in Kalimpong there are 623 nos. of operational ICDS centers of which 136 nos. are having own building.
27 nos. of ICDS centres were constructed in Kalimpong District in the year 2016-17 and 3 nos. has so far been completed in the year 2017-18.
Through ICDS nutritional standards of the children are increased. Menu include rice, egg and vegetable and Khichery.

Regular monitoring of all the children are done by the CDPOs, Supervisors, AWWs and AWHs.
In this district at present there are 61 nos. moderately malnourished and 1nos. of severely malnourished children. The CDPOs are working hard to increase the nutritional standards of those children.


There are 7 nos. of NGO run homes in this district. Efforts are being made at present and register them under the perveiw of JJ Act. However as there is nos. JJB, CWC as even DCPU set up in Kalimpong the process of formation of these are in the pipeline.