Disaster Management

Disaster Management is a very vital component of this district considering that this is a district which is very much disaster prove. There are two types of disasters which had mostly, the is landslide and earthquake. This is most vulnerable to earthquake since fall in highly risky zone IV as per seismic activity scale. There are many areas of blocks which are prove to disaster such as Bhalukhop, Upper Echhey, Pabringtar, Dalapchand, Lava, Samthar, Kafer – Kangkeybong etc. The district organizes awareness campaign disaster responsive training etc. for which people aware and stay vigilant. Among other works of note, various relief materials are distributed among indigent people such as tarpaulin, Disaster Management kits saree, Dhoti, GR rice etc. In the year 2017-18 the distribution figure stands as follows: Tarpaulin – 4939 nos. DM Kits – 7 Nos. Sari – 902 nos. Blanket – 671 nos. Male Wrapper – 940 nos. Children Garments – 559 nos. Dhoti – 697 nos. Paijama Punjabi – 1275 nos. Salwar Kamiz – 780 nos. Lungi – 733 nos. Among other works of note this department sanctions claims of Ex gratia such as from snake bite, lightening etc. and also sponsor cases of ER grant.